It's Summer Time; It's Movie Time

Everybody knows when summber comes all the major movies will be release during this time of the year.  I have been waiting for this time of the year for a long time, for the movies not the hot weather that can kill me with heat stroke.
Currently these are the few movies I would like to catch in the cinema.  Hopefully the movies are not a big failure.

I have watched this and it was just alright but at least it is so much better than Watchmen, such a disappointment.  There are quite a number of superheroes in this movie did not really have a chance to really showed off their powers.  I wonder what is X-Men going to come up next?  On Storm?  Or Gene Grey?  I guess all the X-Men die hard fans will have to wait and see what is next.

Been waiting for this movie for ages!  Growing up watching this movie when I was in my teens I guess.  If you search on youtube I am sure you can fine this cartoon and you can tell how old this cartoon were and it was really one of the happening cartoon around during that time.  I guess there were not much choice then.

I have been chasing Star Trek TV series until the female commander took over and I have stopped because I was busy with work, not that I am racist.  Been watching all the movies as well and finally they change the whole new crew but what I am interested the most was actually Mr. Spock played by Zachary Quinto who is the villant Syler in Heroes TV series.  Seriously he do look like the old Mr. Spock.

I never thought the part two is going to be out that soon.  Saw the preview and totally love it, I guess probably I grew up with transformer and more attached to it like G.I. Joe.  Somehow a lot of character have changed and new ones are introduce.  Some they use the same name but after transform it was not the same as the cartoon.  Somehow I am still able to accept it compared to Dragonball.  I wonder why?

Um...Somehow I am not so keen about this movie, I have no idea why?  But I'm sure it is as interesting as the rest of the movie.  I shall go to the movie and see for myself whether I am right or wrong about my intuition.

This is going to be very interesting but will release in October, not that soon.  One of Japan most famous anime and now in full CG.  I will definitely make myself go and watch this in the cinema without a doubt.

Check out their official website to judge for yourself. 



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