Michael Jackson Is Dead, His Music Live.

OK I think it is the most talk about news this year and probably as much talked about as 911 incident, back in 2001 is the death of a King, Icon, Legend and some even call him god, Michael Jackson. Since now the wave of MJ is on the rise, I'm going to leave you a link to download his Michael Jackson The Ultimate Collection comes in 4 disc.

Disk 1
01. I Want You Back
02. ABC
03. I'll Be There
04. Got To Be There
05. I Want To Be Where You Are
06. Ben
07. Dancing Machine (Single Version)
08. Enjoy Yourself
09. Ease On Down The Road
10. You Cant Win
11. Shake A Body
12. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)(Single Edit)
13. Dont Stop Til You Get Enough
14. Rock With You
15. Off The Wall
16. She's Out Of My Life
17. Sunset Drive (Demo Version)
18. Lovely One
19. This Place Hotel

click here to download

Disk 2
01. Wanna Be Startin Something
02. The Girl Is Mine
03. Thriller
04. Beat It
05. Billie Jean
06. P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)(Demo Version)
07. Someone In The Dark
08. State Of Shock
09. Scared Of The Moon (Demo Version)
10. We Are The World (Demo Version)
11. We Are Here To Change The World (Demo Version)

click here to download

Disk 3
01. Bad
02. The Way You Make Me Feel
03. Man In The Mirror
04. I Just Cant Stop Loving You
05. Dirty Diana
06. Smooth Criminal
07. Cheater (Demo Version)
08. Dangerous
09. Monkey Business
10. Jam
11. Remember The Time
12. Black Or White
13. Who Is It
14. Someone Put Your Hand Out

click here to download

Disk 4
01. You Are Not Alone
02. Stranger In Moscow
03. Childhood
04. On The Line
05. Blood On The Dance Floor
06. Fall Again (Demo Version)
07. In The Back
08. Unbreakable
09. You Rock My World
10. Butterflies
11. Beautiful Girl (Demo Version)
12. The Way You Love Me
13. We've Had Enough

click here to download

(note: I don't know how long these songs are going to be available for download from the link, so far disc 1 and 4 still able to download)



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