Step Of Faith

Just recently been meeting back some of my old friends which I have kind of lost contact with. And I though I go through tough choices and decisions but I guess everyone goes through the same thing and practically thinks the same way too.

There are times that I have been caught at the cross road, which way to take and it keeps linger in my head before the decisions has been made. There are always pros and cons in either choices, and it is always the other choices is something which you would like to venture into and yet have no experience in it and yet you have the opportunity but then you are afraid to take that step of faith into the unknown.

There are just too many things that goes in my mind, just too many "what if". But then again, if this "what if" keeps popping up I guess I won't be going any where but just stay complaisant. So there are times, in taking that step of faith into the unknown really takes a lot of courage and we will never know what would the results but to have faith it will work out and most importantly, no regrets. It really do take me some years to actually take the step of faith into the unknown. But somehow there are things that just pull me away from it and in the near feature, I will definitely take that step again which I would like to challenge myself.
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