A New Earth

When I first saw the title of this book, I thought it was all about our environment and how we can save it and I was highly recommended by Oprah Winfrey. So I went to grap this book of the shelves while it is still selling like hot cakes. But some how it was lying in my book shelves for months and collect dust. Anyway when I bought A New Earth I was actually reading Secrets. But I give up halfway through.
Since now I'm working part-time and I manage to find time to read books when I'm waiting for the feeder bus to work and off work. And of course in between my working hours when there were no customers. When I started to read, I almost wanted to stop reading it as it was very complicated and it was not about the environment (silly me). But as I read along, it is getting more interesting and I would some how feel like reading more to find out more, how you identify with yourself and improving it. Now I know why it is called A New Earth, I guess I don't have to finish reading the book to find out why it is called A New Earth, it has gradually, slowly but surely change my perspective in the things I see and see a totally new earth, old habits are definitely hard to die but I will definitely try to change it.
After reading a quarter of the book, I start to see things differently, I wonder if I were to finished reading the book, would it actually open my eyes to see things differently. Somehow I actually find this book more interesting then "Secrets", that is just my personal opinion and it is totally up to what you think of the book, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.



Yumi said...

ah..this is an interesting book.
u can watch the tutorials on oprah.com
it was like a class...got 9 of it i think.pretty amazing too.
i also bought the book..read half way and my friend borrowed it til now. he kept saying it was a good book and til now..i still haven read it.

Ken said...

LOL...ok i will check out Oprah.com...but trust me in the beginning a bit dry and boring but after that it starts to get interesting...earlier part kinda confusing and a lot of thinking...LOL

Yumi said...

yes yes..really hard to understand also..man man la..
u finish reading d???

Ken said...

almost reaching half. hopefully soon so i can start doing something for my free time...

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