Living Tapestry Contest Final Update

One of these entries will be the lucky winner to received Living Tapestry cushions with of RM100 and the winner will be announce on the 3rd. August and be sure to drop in to find out who is the winner.

reason: I believe cushions and throws are hype these days as they portray a loft living style for some working-at-home entrepreneurs or designers namely to add the sense of loftiness in their homes.

2. T.H - "Love confort living, Think Living Tapestry!"
reason: I have choosen the above because I love comfort living and this brings me the home sweet home feeling. Living Tapestry brings me the thought of home sweet home.

3. Nessa - "Living Tapestry ~ Where Art Meets Leisure..."
reason: (somehow I couldn't fine it? I guess the slogan says it all ~lol~)

reason: As Living Tapestry is trying to make its way to setting the trends of cushion world, it has to make sure that people has to experience about the importance of cushioning to comfort the people and their surroundings. The only way to experience it, is to get one!.senyumkenyit Once they've experience the Living Tapestry cushion cover, they'll sure feels living tapestryeriffic feelings forever!.

reason: Living Tapestry comes up with new designs and ideas on a continuous basis sort of like an evolution of artistic ideas, hence Artistic Evolution.

reason: Comfortness is the only main point, style is personality and a requirement for modern living standard. Short, Simple and easy to recall.

reason: Cushions, curtains and ornaments do weave life into a home. It makes a room more beautiful and with more character and shows the life that is there.

Good luck to everyone who took part!!!.
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Emila Yusof said...

good luck everybody!! so sorry ken, i tak sempat nak buat post!

Ken said...

hi emila, it's alright i know you're busy with your work :)

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