Living Tapestry Contest Winner

Finally the day has come for Living Tapestry to announce the winner for the best slogan selected by the panel of judges from Living Tapestry. We have discuss over and over again and finally all agrees on the winner, without further I am here to annouce the winner is.......


Congratulations Anny!!!

You may seems to be the last entry and yet it impressed the panel of judges on your effort and slogan. Please email me your mailing address for the prize to be sent.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest and your participation is much appreciated and for those of you who didn't win, stay tune to Living Tapestry where we have something for the coming Raya.
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-Lek Wei- said...

Congrats Anny!!

TH said...

yay congrats Anny!

Anny said...

oh boy! thanks a lot Ken :) yehoooooooooooooooo yehooooooooooooooOOOOOOOO tq tq tq yehoooooOOOOO

Anny said...

tq Lek Wei.. tq TH :D

Nessa said...

Syabas Anny!! Hepi for ya girl :D

Ken said...

Wow Anny you sound very very very happy jumping up and down shouting i won i won i won....LOL

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Congrats Anny :D You deserve the win. Great slogan you had there.

Ken said...

Spiff, sincerely fr the bottom of your heart? No ray gun? or you rather shoot me with it then anny...LOL

yoon see said...

Congrats Anny!
happy for you.
Ken: i don't participate because I have no idea, it's quite tough on this, especially coming out on a good slogan.
Take care and may your business grow to another great level!

Anny said...

yehooo yehoooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. hahhahaa.. i am still grinning and happy becos.. this is 1st time i won anything on web :) tq berry much.. u made my day

tq nessa.. spiffy.. :) carebear hugs :p

Anny said...

thanks Yoonsee :)

Ken said...

really, you never won any thing from all these contest? I guess I broke your not winning curse :)

Khemy said...

congrats Anny! win...:(

but iz it really true you never win anything online, anny..? considering the amount of time that we spend online everyday..(that's me..hehe)

me just win once only..emila's giveaway..eon ago..harharhar

Anny said...

thanks Khemy :) betu this is my first time winning something online.. thanks again for wishes..

ya.. i remember u win the black & white picture for Emi i think :) tat was a beautiful picture

Ken said...

LOL poor anny, but now the curse is broken...more will come :) I also won't something from Emila's blog :)

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