Retail Stories - PMS Woman

It is only after a week plus working in a retail shop and I get to see so many kind of people that you would never thought you will meet. There are some nice people, and of course the nasty ones too. I guess nice people have nothing much to talk about, but when it comes to bad people or customers, I guess the stories are never ending. Blog Widget by LinkWithinWhat I am about to share with you was a bit ridiculous and probably the woman was having PMS.
Once fine day, there were these two Malay women came into our shop and of course we exchange converstation in both Malay and English. As one of the woman purchase something and of course I need her to the counter to pay and I walk back to serve the other woman. Out of a sudden I heard a loud tone from the woman talking to my colleague, "Why do you speak Malay with me? Do I look like the Malay from kampung that doesn't speaks English? Do you it's very SOMBONG?" these were the few key sentence that came out from her mouth. I was shock to hear that and so were my colleague. After she left I ask my colleague what exactly happen? She said she only told the woman how much she needs to pay in Malay langueage only.
For this case, do you think my colleague is wrong? First of all I don't think she is wrong and I am definitely proud that I could speaks Malay, my colleagues and I definitely have no intention of looking down at Malay people by talking Malay to them. She definitely looking down at her own people with the statement "Do I look like the Malay from the kampung that doesn't speaks English!" isn't she look down at her own kind from the village? What she says really contradicts herself. Sometimes I just wonder who is being "sombong" here? She just slap herself right on her own face. I am proud that I could speaks Malay language and what is wrong speaking Malay language with a Malay person? Silly PMS Malay lady...



Clayden L. said...

whoa... PMS indeed. hahaaha

Ken said...

yup...but looking at her age it should have stopped...LOL

-Lek Wei- said...

I think she will just let people look down on what she said, kinda funny. And i don't think so people will proud of her because she can speak english.

Ken said...

all I can say is she is damn proud that she is living in the city and can speaks English...her ego is up to the roof!!!

Khemy said...

very un-1Malaysia

Ken said...

yes Khemy...i also dono what's wif her?

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